The science department embraces innovation and developments in science and science education. We encourage learners to experiment and question the world around them. We support our students to fully achieve their potential in science through the delivery of inspiring, interactive and practical lessons. We utilise new technologies, all of our laboratories have interactive whiteboards, access to wireless laptops and we make use of modern scientific equipment in our experimental work.

Our science department is an experienced, enthusiastic team consisting of 8 teachers (3 biology specialists, 3 chemistry specialists and 2 physics specialists), 2 technicians and a learning support assistant.

Key Stage 3

The key stage 3 science curriculum at Chepstow is a topic based skills curriculum. During key stage 3 students are taught a combination of biology, chemistry and physics. The curriculum involves a large amount of practical work to help students develop their science skills. Pupils in years 7, 8 and 9 demonstrate their science skills through a portfolio of evidence: these portfolios are used to determine their end of key stage 3 level.  

Key Stage 4

Science is a core subject at Key Stage 4. In Chepstow we offer different science pathways to ensure the needs of all are learners are met. The different pathways we offer are:

Triple science (Science GCSE, Additional Science GCSE and Further Additional Science GCSE (AQA)

Science GCSE and Additional Science GCSE (AQA)

Science GCSE (AQA)

BTEC level 2 in Applied Science

Key Stage 5

Science is a popular subject at AS and A2 level. In the science department we offer Biology AS and A2, Chemistry AS and A2 and Physics AS and A2.