Psychology is the scientific study of the individual, their behaviour and the physical and mental processes that control their actions. Psychologists ask questions about how the individual behaves in certain situations, trying to explain why people act in this way and if appropriate, explore ways to help people change their behaviour.

Some of the areas we look at are:

Why do some people suffer from mental illness? 
Does the media influence how we behave? 
Why are people aggressive?
Does it affect children if their parents work and they go to day care? 
What happens to the body when we are stressed? 
How can we treat schizophrenia?  
Why do we marry people of a similar attractiveness to ourselves?

Throughout this course students learn about great psychologists, the different approaches to psychology and a wide range of psychological research.

At AS and A2 Level, students follow the AQA syllabus. It provides students with a strong base of psychological knowledge which they can then develop further at degree level if they chose to study psychology or related fields at university.

Students will need to demonstrate English, mathematical and science skills.  They will need to understand and apply scientific concepts, manipulate statistics and complete simple equations, and complete extended writing and essay tasks. Therefore, being comfortable reading and assimilating information is essential, as well as being able to express ideas and communicate well in writing.

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