Physical Education

Within the P.E. department we aim to provide a curriculum for all in which everyone can succeed. Our students regularly reach SE Wales finals in Rugby, Football, Cricket, Hockey and Athletics producing a number of internationals in Athletics in recent years, with at least one of our school teams reaching the Welsh Finals in Brecon for the last 5 years running.  Two of our former students participated in the London 2012 Paralympics.

Our programme of study covers a wide range of sports. P.E. is a subject in which every pupil can achieve and have fun along the way.

Key Stage 3 

Programme of Study:

Year 7: Gymnastics, Dance, Swimming, Football,
Rugby (boys only), Netball (girls only), Rounders, Hockey, Cricket, Athletics, Tennis,
Fitness, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Atomic Touch, Dodgeball.

Year 8: Gymnastics, Dance, Swimming, Football,
Rugby (boys only), Netball (girls only), Rounders, Hockey, Cricket, Athletics, Tennis, 
OAA, Fitness, Badminton, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Atomic Touch, Dodgeball.

Year 9: Gymnastics, Dance, Swimming, Football, Rugby (boys only), Netball (girls only),
Rounders, Hockey, Cricket, Athletics, Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee,
 Zumba, OAA, Fitness, Leadership, Mountain Biking, Badminton, Lifesaving, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Atomic Touch, Dodgeball.

Chepstow School have been involved in a pilot scheme to introduce Mountain Biking into the curriculum as an alternative outdoor activity. The scheme allowed us to have professional coaching and access to 20 mountain bikes to be used during lesson time. Year 9 have been the first group to complete the activity and the response has been amazing, with several students performing really well. The level of engagement and performance has been fantastic considering many of the students are not involved in school sports clubs or teams.We are hoping that this activity can continue to give as many students as possible the opportunity to experience mountain biking, which includes bike maintenance, safety and a range of course riding skills. We would like to thanks PESS and Gwent Outdoor Centres for their involvement.

Students have two P.E. lessons a week at KS3 and cover a range of activities. There is also an opportunity for them to be involved in leadership & coaching during lessons. Students are expected to bring the correct kit to every lesson. If they are unable to participate for any reason they must bring a letter to explain why.

Key Stage 4

At KS4 students have more of an options system where at the start of each half term they select from a handful of options and participate in that sport for that particular half term. The option choices change each half term so that they all cover a range of options.

Options include:

Netball, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Fitness room, Volleyball, Tennis, Rounders, Swedish long ball, Gymnastics and Hockey.

Exam options Key Stage 4


This option is available for those students who have a keen interest in participating in a variety of sports and who wish to study the subject in more depth. 60% of the course is practical and 40% is theory based. The practical element is assessed continually over the two years and the theory is assessed during a 1.5 hour exam at the end of the two years. Students will participate in a mixture of practical & theory lessons every week.

BTEC L2 Diploma in Sport

The BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Sport is equivalent to 4 GCSEs at grade C. The programme is designed to enable students to gain both academic and practical experience / knowledge and to become competent in areas that are directly related to the workplace. Learning is designed to be experimental so that concepts are developed and applied in a practical sport context. Students will extend their skills in a range of team and individual sport activities.

BTEC L2 certificate in Dance

During this course students will participate in contemporary dance classes, Jazz dance and various other styles. They will develop their movement vocabulary in a range of styles and understand the basic physical and interpretative skills required in performance. The BTEC Level 2 Certificate offers an opportunity for students to experience a vocational course as an alternative to GCSE. It provides a more practical based route into dance. This will suit students who want a hands on approach. The course provides opportunities for students to develop a range of skills and techniques, personal qualities and attitudes essential for successful performance in working life. The course is equivalent to two GCSEs and is recognised by employers and educational institutions. This course is made up of practical and written coursework units with no written exam.

Exam options Key Stage 5

A Level P.E./AS P.E.      

AS & A Level P.E. lead on from GCSE P.E. They are more theory based than GCSE though there is still an element of practical assessment in both. At Chepstow we offer OCR P.E. For further detailed information on the course and to access past papers visit:

BTEC SPORT Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport (Coaching, Development & Fitness)

This course allows the student to investigate the diversity of the sports industry from health and fitness and sports therapy to sports coaching and teaching and is ideal if you want to pursue a career in the sport and fitness industry. You will study 18 units of work, covering a wide range of topics and using a variety of study methods.

Mandatory Units

  • •             Principles of anatomy and physiology in sport
  • •             The physiology of fitness
  • •             Assessing risk in sport
  • •             Fitness training and programming
  • •             Sports coaching
  • •             Sports development
  • •             Fitness testing for sport and exercise
  • •             Practical team sports
  • •             Practical individual sports

In addition to these 8 mandatory units there are a further 10 units to study, each broadening your knowledge of the sport & fitness industry.


Homework January – February half term

Analysing Performance Coursework

You need to observe a performer in a sport of your choice (this MUST be a sport that you have chosen as one of your 4 practical activities to be assessed in). You CAN analyse yourself.

Highlight your/ the person's strengths within the activity. This should be a mixture of skill and fitness components.

Highlight your/ the person's areas for improvement within the activity.

Create an Action Plan on how you will improve your/ the person's areas for improvement.

Remember within this action plan you must include:      

  • What you are improving
  • How you will improve it
  • How you will measure if this has been successful and what impact you think it will have on performance.

There will be an introduction lesson on this piece of coursework at the start of the term and you will have 4/5 weeks to gather research and make notes before the coursework is written in class under exam conditions.