Media Studies is a very appealing and high achieving department at Chepstow School. The department achieves very successfully at Key Stage 5 and benefits from having excellent facilities that include iMacs, iPads and digital video cameras.

The media plays a major part in our day-to-day lives and whether we use the media for pleasure, information or to widen our interests, it is difficult to escape the media messages that permeate our lives. One of the most exciting elements for students is that they have already engaged with various forms ranging from magazines to film and with the exciting new social media era, media Studies is a subject whose parameters extend beyond the classroom and into the lives of the students who study it.

Students enjoy internally assessed work and take great pride in creating media texts themselves, ranging from film posters to music videos. It is a subject that offers students of all abilities the chance to make maximum use of their own media experience and special interests. Yet at the same time it challenges them to make full use of their abilities through comparative analysis underpinned by appropriate concepts, using complex terminology and creating production work to a supremely high standard.

This year the Media studies department started a new and exciting chapter where the subject was offered as a GCSE qualification. In addition to this, Media studies is now offered as a learning path option in year 9 where students have the opportunity to have a taste of what the subject can offer, allowing them to gain experience an understanding of how to analyse and create media texts in preparation for continuing into GCSE and A Level.

Media Studies students play a huge part in extra curricular activities where students have created marketing materials for school events and have also entered regional and national competitions.

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