Geography at Chepstow School is a dynamic department.  We aim to develop students' knowledge of the world around them.  We aim to foster a thirst for understanding of how the world works together by investigating different cultures and landscapes.  We aim to embrace Welsh heritage and explore this amazing country and its place within the world.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 we study a wide range of geographical topics across the three year groups, including the more traditional aspects of geography - map skills, weather and climate, tropical rainforest, earthquakes and volcanoes.  Students will also get the opportunity to study more contemporary geography topics, such as criminal activity, sport and fashion.  Each topic will develop students' key skills and encourage them to work independently.


Key Stage 4

GCSE is an option at KS4.  There are three timetabled lessons per week.  Students will be given the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of geographical concepts and appreciate the relevance of these concepts to our changing world.  They will gain an in depth knowledge of different environments, societies and cultures from around the world.  One of the benefits of Geography is students the opportunity to develop and apply their learning to the real world through fieldwork outside the classroom environment.  This is mainly done as a coastal field study.

Sustainable Decision Making Exercise

Written paper - 1 hour 30 mins, 40 marks, 25% of the qualification

Question Paper - separate resource booklet, candidates answer all questions

Geographical Enquiry

Controlled assessment - 60 marks, 25% of the qualification

One task - Fieldwork Focus

Key Geographical Themes

Written paper - 1 hour 45 mins, 99 marks, 50% of the qualification

Question Paper - 3 sections, separate resource booklet, candidates answer all questions

Key Stage 5

Year 12 AS


Unit title: Changing Physical Environments

Two Themes

Investigating climate change
Investigating tectonic and hydrological change


Unit Title: Changing Human Environments

Two Themes

Investigating population change
Investigating settlement change

Year 13 A2

G3 - Contemporary Themes and Research in Geography

Section A – 1 hour 30 minutes

Two Topics – Development or Globalisation and Coasts

Section B – 45 minutes

A field work investigation question paper.  All questions are based on an independent research enquiry.

G4 - Sustainability        

Sustainable Food Supply

Sustainable Water Supply

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Cities