French and Spanish

French is a well-established subject which is offered at KS3, KS4 and KS5. Spanish was introduced, by popular demand, in September 2013 and is currently taught in Y7, Y9, Y10 and Y12. Staff are very enthusiastic and use a variety of teaching styles plus film and song to motivate students to develop the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. We subscribe to two language learning websites: for French and for French and Spanish, the latter being funded by the PTA.

Key Stage 3

In both French and Spanish students are introduced not only to a new language, but also a new culture. Topics covered include: Greetings, Family, School, Leisure, Weather, Home, Holidays, and Food. All topics are studied in a French/Spanish context, whereby students learn to speak and write about their own holidays at the same time as learning about holiday destinations in France/Spain.

Key Stage 4

Students consolidate and build upon the language and topics covered in KS3. In both French and Spanish, students prepare for the WJEC GCSE examination. Speaking and Writing are assessed in class over the two year course and are worth 60% of the overall grade. Listening and Reading Comprehension are assessed by final examination at the end of Y11 worth 40%.

Key Stage 5

Students prepare for the WJEC AS and A Level exams. There is no continuous assessment, just two examinations at the end of Y12 and two at the end of Year 13. Students study topics such as Education, Youth Culture, Sport, and the Environment and in Y13 have the opportunity to study a film and novel in the target language.

With regard to extra-curricular activities, a lunch-time French club takes place once a week for Y7 students and a weekly after-school Italian conversation club is offered to both our students and students from our local primary schools. A particular highlight of our KS3 curriculum is the Paris trip towards the end of Year 9. In both KS4 and KS5, staff run after-school sessions to support individual students who need extra help in preparing for examinations.