Design Technology

DT is an exciting creative subject in which students combine practical skills with creative thinking to design and make products that meet human needs. We offer learners a chance to use current technologies (e.g. laser cutter/CAD software) and consider the impact of future technological developments and new products. This subject teaches learners how to think creatively, solve problems and work as part of a team. DT offers opportunities to develop ICT and practical skills through a series of fun and challenging design and make tasks and learners apply creative thinking to design innovative, forward thinking products.

Key Stage 3          

Learners at Key stage 3 have 2 DT lessons per week. All KS3 projects last for approximately 10 weeks (equivalent to 20 lessons). They operate on a rotation basis and pupils will complete the following projects

Year 7 - Skills Building Projects

Pull along toy            
CAD/CAM promotional gift (Jon Burgerman)
Quirky Critters
Introduction to Food Technology

Year 8

Door Buzzer
Animated Display

Graffiti/Street Art Style Bag
Nutrition and healthy eating

Year 9

Mood Lamp
Packaging design
Take away and Great British Bake-off
Gadget case

In year 9 2014/2015 pupils will opt for and study a combination of their two preferred DT subjects and work solely in these areas to complete a series of design and make tasks.

Pupils have opportunity to attend extra KS3 catch up sessions in order to complete work. This can be arranged with their project teacher.

Key Stage 4

All GCSE qualifications are awarded by the WJEC exam board. Pupils complete a written exam during the summer term of Year 10, worth 40%, followed by a pre- printed A3 folio (the Controlled Assessment Task, or 'CAT'). Pupils are expected to prepare for lessons and have opportunity to attend GCSE coursework catch up sessions. Pupils will study one of these focus areas:

Resistant Materials Technology
Food and Nutrition/Catering

We deliver GCSE graphics collaboratively with the art department here at Chepstow and we also offer BTECs in Engineering and Hospitality (both BTEC subjects are level 2, extended certificate and are equivalent to 2 GCSEs).

Key Stage 5

All AS and A Level qualifications are awarded by the WJEC exam board. Each year, students will complete a written exam, worth 40% and an A2 coursework folio with a practical project, worth 60%. Students continue into Year 13 subject to achieving a suitable AS Level grade. They are expected to work during their own time and free periods, when rooms are available in the department. DT staff are happy to assist pupils with their coursework whenever possible. One of these 2 focus areas will be studied:

Product Design (including Textiles Technology)
Food Technology

This is a really a most enjoyable, diverse subject and we promise you’ll look forward to your DT lessons each week!