Art & Design

Art at Chepstow is renowned for its quality and creativity.  The department offers the opportunity for students to engage in a wide range of experiences including 3D, Painting and Drawing, Photography and Graphics.

Students can participate in extra-curricular activities such as art club and photography competitions.

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9


At GCSE and A level students may opt to study  contemporary  Graphics involving a mix of photography, digital media and hand production techniques or a general Art & Design course encompassing more traditional forms of drawing and painting, as well as photography and work in three dimensions.  Many of our students move on from A level to study some  form of Art or Design related field at university both at Foundation and Degree level and we pride ourselves on supporting our students towards their future studies.

The department has a website run by our dedicated graphics teacher Mrs Jeffery.


Sixth Form

Courses are offered at AS and A2 in Graphics and Art & Design. Students follow the WJEC examination syllabus.

Life drawing is offered as an extra-curricular activity and this forms an important element within portfolios of work to go towards Art School and Architecture applications.

The Sixth Form has a dedicated studio space available to students for use within their study periods. Aside from the wide range of traditional drawing, painting, batik, silk painting, printing and 3D materials provided for students they also have access to Canon digital bridge cameras, an SLR Canon EOS camera and a suite of 15 PCs equipped with ‘Photoshop’ to support their studies.