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I’m Nicola Williams, House Leader for Usk House. I am very proud to be a part of Chepstow School and work alongside Sarah Stas the Usk House Progress Leader. I enjoy all aspects of my role which provides students with  academic and pastoral support. Usk House students and staff work as a team and regularly come together to raise money for charities both locally and nationally. Every student within Chepstow School should be given the best opportunities possible to achieve their goals in the future. Within Usk House I strive to find each student the correct pathway to succeed to the best of their ability and learn the skills they require for the future. I am very proud to play such a huge part in young people’s lives and watch them develop into young adults.

Hello, my name is Ollie Knight and I am the Student Progress Leader for Usk House. It’s a great privilege to be working with Nicola Williams to ensure that the massive potential of students in Usk House is recognised to its fullest. As the progress leader for Usk House I aim to ensure that every student in Usk House is fully prepared for the world that awaits them when they go from Chepstow School be it in to industry, training or further education. I believe that academic success and a sense of wellbeing and belonging go hand in hand and I hope to be able to nurture this view through my work in Usk House.




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Dave Mitchell

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Jon Giddy

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Mark Coffey

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Jon Williams

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Natalie Jones

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Alison Willis

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Jayne Morgan

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Kate Morris

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Ollie Knight