Severn House Team

I’m Nicky Back, Severn House Leader and PE teacher. I am very proud to be House Leader and it is through this role that I engender the ethos that every child achieves their best, fulfilling all  their dreams and goals both personal and academic. Severn House is a strong, cohesive, nurturing, environment allowing our students to flourish and grow into successful young people. Through encouragement, support and guidance,  we enable our students to achieve their full potential along their individual learning pathways.




I’m Mel Andrews, Student Progress Leader for Severn House. I am proud to be working alongside Nicky Back in the promotion and  running of Severn House. Through my role as Student Progress Leader, I am able to offer our students both academic and pastoral support, encouraging and guiding them through their secondary education.  We aim to give the students the best opportunities possible in order for them  to achieve their potential and realise their goals as they develop into young adults. I am always here to offer help to any student and as a non-teaching member of Severn House, I am readily available during the school day.

Severn House prides itself on being full of polite, helpful and happy students and I pride myself on encouraging this ethos as well as inspiring involvement in all House activities and events. 




Severn House



House Leader

Nicky Back

Student Progress Leader

Mel Andrews

7S1   Tutor

Kirsty Parfitt-Ley

7S2   Tutor

Alex Spickett

8S1   Tutor

Sue Bedford

8S2   Tutor

Dan Harris

9S1   Tutor

Sian Mahoney

9S2   Tutor

Anna Sheldrick

10S1 Tutor

Lucy Jones

10S2 Tutor

Jane Bryant

11S1 Tutor

Helen Casterton

11S2 Tutor

Chris Jenkins