Chepstow School House System

‘Working together to raise achievement’                          

All students are a member of one of four houses.

The Houses are named after the local rivers: Wye, Severn, Usk and Monnow and each has developed their own identity.

Monnow House consists of students from years 12 and 13, whilst years 7 to 11 are divided between the remaining three Houses. Each House has its own colour and the students wear House ties. All Houses annually elect Student Leaders to help motivate and lead their House. This encourages pupils to develop early leadership skills and undertake responsibilities that contribute to the success of their House.

The House System further promotes the importance that the roles of community, partnership and participation play in school. Students have the opportunity to participate in a number of different activities in their House, as well as in whole school events. There are also a variety of inter-house competitions including sport, form quizzes, fundraising and of course the Eisteddfod. Students are rewarded for participation as well as achievement in these competitions to recognise the importance of everyone in our school community.

Each house supports a local charity, and holds fundraising events throughout the year. Competition is fierce over who raises the most!

The houses join together the pastoral and curriculum system in the school. Each house is linked to specific curriculum areas. Monnow House works with the Applied, languages and SEN departments. Severn House works with Maths and humanities. Usk House works with science and performance. Wye House works with English and creative. Form tutors for each house come from the linked curriculum areas and stay with their form group for years 7-11, and in Monnow for years 12 and 13.