Excellence in careers education and guidance is important at Chepstow School. We provide a comprehensive Careers program that facilitates young people to make a wider range of decisions. Students at Chepstow gain an awareness of the need to learn about the significant changes occurring in the world of work and it provides them with transferable skills required in the workplace.

The Careers programme is delivered throughout the pastoral program during tutor time. Students in year 7-13 will have access to and they will build a learning pathway plan to help support their learning. Chepstow students will have access to guidance in order to help form long term goals and plans for their future Careers.

Year 10 and 12 will participate in work experience for a period of one week. They will with guidance and support use the database to select suitable placements. Emphasis is placed on choosing appropriate and relevant work experience to complement future Career Choices.

Access to Careers and guidance is of paramount importance. At Chepstow we are fortunate to have an experienced Careers Wales advisor Joanna Page. She is currently available within the school Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. 

Additional Careers Support available

Drop in sessions every Thursday lunchtime in WB1 for year 12 and 13.
Drop in sessions every Friday lunchtime in WB1 for year 11.
Interviews with Year 12 and 13 booked direct with Joanna Page (

Useful websites and information This has guidance for different age groups, including information on higher education, careers ideas and information as well as interview advice for sixth formers. A useful starting point for students that are not considering university after A Levels.

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