UCAS stands for Universities and Colleges Admissions Service and it is the only way to enter university in the UK. It acts as the link between students and universities, forwarding applications to universities and recording their responses.
UCAS will inform you of any offers and you must choose two (one Firm Acceptance, one Insurance).

They will want to know

•Personal information e.g. name, DoB, address
• Universities you want to apply to
• Schools/Employment history
• Completed and ongoing qualifications
• Reference
• Personal Statement - this is your chance to sell and differentiate yourself, to influence the Admission Tutors and explain your motivations. It is your chance to convince and is vital to the admissions process. It will make the difference between being accepted and rejected as it differentiates you. Admissions Tutors are looking for academic capability, commitment to the course, enthusiasm, motivation and transferable skills. You should include reasons for choosing the course, knowledge of the course and subject, work experience/voluntary work, achievements, hobbies and interests, career aspirations and gap year intentions. You could also include examples of activities/experiences, Duke of Edinburgh Awards (demonstrating leadership, commitment and teamwork), Young Enterprise (demonstrating management, workload balance and imagination), volunteering and community engagement (showing drive, communication and passion) and any part time work you have carried out, which demonstrates workload balance, reliability and enthusiasm.

University Application Checklist:

Visit www.ucas.com to find out information about all courses on offer – take the Stamford test to find your ‘best fit’ course.

Attend open days ASAP – see www.ucas.com for a full list of dates and check out our UCAS table in the quiet study area.

Organise work experience ASAP - vital if you’re applying for Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science or Nursing - and start researching/practising entrance exams.

Begin drafting your personal statements ASAP.

Sign up for a free UCAS card at www.ucas.com

Pop in to see Ms Thomas in the 6th Form Office office for further help.

Useful Websites