School Transport (Home to School)

If you are dropping off or collecting your child please do not drive into the staff car park or bus bays as unnecessary congestion can cause danger to our students. Please note though that visitor and disabled parking bays are provided.

Free transport is generally restricted to pupils who attend their catchment area school and live the necessary distance from the school. The distance is measured as being the shortest and safest walking route between the home and school.

Please contact Monmouthshire LEA in the event of a disagreement about walking routes. Transport can be provided if the first choice of school is the nearest school to the home adress and over the statutory distance required for free transport ('nearest school ruling'). Free transport may be provided where the LEA is satisfied that the route is sufficiently dangerous to warrant such provision, even though the distance is less than 2 miles. In such cases the LEA will have regard to the following criteria:

a) There is no bus service travelling along the route between home and school and

b) The degree of danger involved is such that escorting parents themselves are at risk from the particular traffic situations.

If you move home to an address outside the catchment area school, your child will not be provided with free transport to that school unless the move takes place during Years 10-13 of secondary education. In that case, the LEA will attempt to provide transport within existing contract arrangements.

Where a student has more than one home free school transport will be provided (when criteris is met) to the main home only.

If you do not qualify for assistance with transport but there are spare seats on the school bus the LEA currently operates a concessionary fare scheme under which pupils may be allowed to occupy spare seats on school buses as a temporary concession. Further details of this scheme can be supplied on request from the Passenger Transport Unit at County Hall, Cwmbran.

The LEA will not tolerate anti-social behaviour on its school transport. We have issued various sanctions to deal with situations of anti-social behaviour which, in the most serious cases, could result in the child being banned from all LEA transport. If your child receives school transport, you will receive a 'Code of Good Practice'. If you have not received one, please contact County Hall, Cwmbran.

Post 16 years of age (age 16-19 years old) Pupils residing in Monmouthshire over the age of 16 are entitled to subsidised home to school/college transport subject to the post 16 criteria as set out in home to school/college transport policy, available to download. Please visit to download the relevant application forms and policies for:

  • Free home to school transport application form
  • Concessionary home to school transport application form
  • Post 16 travel grant/transport application form
  • Home to School transport rule book
  • 1 Post 16 Guidance Notes 2015-16
  • Parent Contract V2

‚ÄčIf you should have any further enquiries, please contact the passenger transport unit:

Email: Phone: 01633 644777

Travel Assistance

Students who are over 16 may be able to get help with their travel costs. For more information please email the passenger transport unit at

Useful website: for timetables for the C1, C2 and C3 Bulwark buses, the number 63 Cwmbran to Chepstow via Usk and Shirenewton and the 74 Portskewett-Caldicot-Magor-Langstone bus.