Year 13 put on a show!

Farewell for now

On June 24th the Year 13 Drama and Music students of 2015 said 'farewell' to Chepstow School as they embark upon the next stage of their educational journey.  The evening was organised and performed by the students, as they took to the stage one last time and entertained the audience singing their favourite West End musicals, and also shared with us their memories of their time at Chepstow School. The evening was a 'thank you' to the Drama and Music departments, as well as the school, for everything we had done for them, but perhaps the biggest thank you should be to them for everything they have done for us.

'Phenomenal' is a word not used very often, but this lot are indeed phenomenal, genuinely lovely young adults. Christian, Matt, Caz, Tiri, Rhiannon Llewellyn, Fran, Niamh, Callum, James, Izzy, Greg, Jacob and Rhiannon Millar; they will be missed, but they will always be welcome at Chepstow School because the legacy they've left is already inspiring the students who follow in their footsteps. Thank you for the memories. Good luck and be happy!

Love Mr P x