Year 7 Students bring Shakespeare to life

Modern twists on classic texts!

This week, on Midsummer’s Day, Year 7 English students showcased their extraordinary talents by performing six Shakespeare plays. Students were set the challenge to create mini productions of some of Shakespeare’s greatest plays but were only given a three week lead time. Year 7 surpassed all of our expectations by not only creating individual interpretations, but going beyond the brief by learning lines, making symbolic props and thoroughly immersing themselves into the world of Shakespeare. Year 7 even researched Elizabethan popular foods with the help of Irene Davies and the DT Department and managed to rope in Year 9 students into serving a veritable feast of gingerbread, shortbread and other sumptuous fancies.

The performances were fantastic and truly original. Team Tempest recreated a storm on stage with their interpretation. Dream Team managed to re- write our famous Bard’s masterpiece, with football fairies, movie directors and scientists. We had two Team Macbeths; one  managed to terrify us and stage fight a fantastic finale, whilst the other re-wrote elements of the original to change it to a history, comedy and tragedy all in one. Team Merchant were amazing in their understanding of a hugely complicated plot incorporating  Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ into the mix and Team RJ were able to use creativity and humour  to convey the world’s greatest love story! Coupled with an audience of nearly 200, our students created a festival beyond all of our expectations.