Students enter 'The Den' once more

Dragon's Den 2 is launched!

Building on the great success of last year’s Dragon Den event, Dragons Den 2 was launched yesterday at Chepstow School.

It’s a joint project between Chepstow School and the Cluster Primaries, extending the provision and transition of more able and talented students.

There are five teams from St Marys, The Dell, Thornwell, Pembroke and Shirenewton, which includes year 6 students working together with year 7 and 12 students from Chepstow School.

The project is based on the popular TV series and develops a wide range of personal and thinking skills, and the teams are given specialist roles and responsibilities. The focus this year is to engage students in their local community and encourage them to recognise how they may be able to create change and manage their environment. Students will come up with innovative ideas of what they think Chepstow needs after identifying gaps in provision or opportunities. They will then work on solutions and strategies on how they can make these ideas happen.

They will meet several times throughout the next few months and this will culminate in a Dragons Den Evening, where they will pitch their ideas to local businesses and members of the town council.

It’s a very exciting and unique project driven by the students; you will be amazed by their ideas and plans!