Briony inspires our students

Autism assembly raises awareness

On Wednesday 15th April we welcomed an amazing youg lady called Briony to our school. She came in to present to our year 7 and 9 students about Autism, a condition that she herself lives with.

The idea for the assembly came from the parents group which meets every 6-8 weeks in Chepstow School. The feeling was that it would be good to celebrate World Autism Day and raise awareness.

Briony gave a true/false quiz to the students and all students who completed it will get a certificate. 

Following the Assembly comments from students included, "It was good to hear someone speaking who had difficulties like me," and "it was interesting, usually Assemblies can be more rules."

Parents who attended the assembly found it very emotional, especially when they heard Briony speaking about random acts of kindness.

We look forward to welcoming Briony again very soon.