We Will Rock You

           We Will Rock You Programme

Dear Cast of We Will Rock You

Again the production has come and gone but this year I think a special mention needs to be given to the year 13 students of 2015!

It's crazy to think how quickly their time at this School has passed for the current year 13. It seems like only yesterday Mr Andy Orr (their Head of Year) and I met Matt, Christian, Caz, Tiri, Callum, James, Rhiannon and co. during that year 6 induction evening in July 2009. They were all so keen and to be honest once I spent an hour with my new 'soon to be form' I knew I'd made the right decision to leave the year 12 team and return to be a year 7 tutor.

This lot have have been so integral to school events over the last 7 years, not only school productions but any event they been involved in. Teaching them has been amazingly enjoyable and I mean it when I say that when they leave, they will take a piece of my heart with them.

My first show here was 'Wizard of Oz' and this year group were the majority of the cast Mr Hendry and I had. We knew we had you hooked for future years but I do apologise to those of you we dressed as multi coloured members of the 'Lollypop Guild' - looking back that was harsh!!

As a group of students you won't find a more likeable group; there's nothing they won't do for you.

Throughout their time in school, not only have they led various events but more importantly they have encouraged others to take part which is why this year's cast have been so close.

2 years ago we took on a challenging show in 'West Side Story'. Mr Mitchell and I knew that these were the students who could deliver the show with such composure and what they produced was a polished and professional performance.

Last year's production of the 'Phantom of the Opera' was particularly special for me as it was the one I always wanted to do, as was the previous one for Mr Mitchell. When I told them on the last night of 'WSS' - 'We could do Phantom together', their response was -' Lets do it'!

I knew we had the cast to pull it off, but to pull it off to the standard we did was nothing short of miraculous and again Christian (Phantom), Tiri (Christine) and the others produced such an elegant and flawless production, one certainly worthy of the West End.

Then on to this year, it's the final one, their final show. They've been the heartbeat of this show once again and with Christian Andrews leading them, they have been better than ever. Being absent the first 2 weeks of this term was a real worry for me but when stories would reach me on how the students (under the guidance of Mr Hendry and Miss Jones) were running things like clockwork, it meant so much.

Every student in the cast and band from year 7 to year 13 have played a part in the success of 'We Will Rock You' and even though we lose amazing students every year as they move on to the next stage of their lives, this current lot haven't just produced excellence whilst being with us, but they have left a legacy for future students and casts to aspire to follow. I can honestly say that when this year 13  leave I don't think the school or I will know how much we've lost. They are all breathtaking in everything they do, but for me the main reason I'll miss them all is they're the loveliest group I could ever have imagined meeting. Personally they've helped me fulfil so many dreams and I must admit that it feels like a huge family when we do productions together! They all mean so much to the school in general, staff and students alike.

When I asked to speak to the chorus prior to the final night of 'WWRY' you could tell from the tears in their eyes how desperate they were to give the main cast the final performance they deserved. Our future productions look very bright because we have amazing students coming through but this year's senior cast have given the younger cast members such belief and confidence that again we as a school will benefit from them even after they've left.

Chepstow School has and always will produce special talent but to have so many in one year group this year has been something special. I and many others will miss them next year but they will be forever welcome at Chepstow School.

So thank you to the cast, band and crew for 'WWRY 2015'; it was special, you are special.


Mr Phillips