Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast programme


On February 9th, 10th and 11th 2016, Chepstow School once again continued their tradition of staging musicals to mesmerise audiences. This year the production was the Disney classic ‘ The Beauty and the Beast’. Students were hard at work preparing for this challenging show since the summer term and as opening night got nearer, the excitement grew and grew. Following on from  previous productions such as ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ and ‘We Will Rock You’ was a major challenge, even more so since so many students left last summer for University, but the cast of 2016 were superb. Not only were they so professional in their approach to auditions and rehearsals, some even stepped up as lead choreographers.

Two students from year 11, Megan Marsh (playing Cogsworth) and Rebecca Ham (playing Lumiere) choreographed all dance numbers within the show and the younger students in the cast this year have responded magnificently to their guidance. Without students such as these, productions would not be possible.  These are the types of students that make shows so unique at Chepstow School.

Rosie Hathaway (Belle) and Harry Lewis (Beast) were the lead characters this year, both for the first time, and their professionalism and commitment from the start was outstanding. Other main cast members include Carys Curwood as Mrs Potts, Luca Goddard as Gaston, Sophie Allen as Babette, Jessica Ham as Chip and Bethan Taylor as Lefou.

Mr Rhidian Phillips was producer again this year, with Miss Natalie Jones directing. Mr Simon Hendry was Musical Director and once again the orchestra was made up fully of students, ranging from years 7 through to the Sixth Form.

The set has been designed and created by Mr Rhidian Phillips and Mr Tim Smith, with the amazing artwork on set carried out by Mrs Emily Powell. With various other staff supporting with costume, make up, publicity and ticket sales, the show, as with every other year, was a huge team effort and a huge success.

It was a totally enchanting show week that culminated in an outstanding sell out on the final night!