Year 6 Transition 2015

Transition fortnight has been amazing! Our new year 7 students  have made sure that they are an intrinsic part of our school comunity and have shown just how talented they are. The theme this year has been Brazil, and our class of 2020 have celebrated in style from transforming themselves into a giant samba band, to producing descriptive writing that would put the most famous authors to sahem. we hope that they ahve a wonderful time back in primary school next week, celebrating all of their achievements, but we will miss them and can't wait to see them in September.

What happened during transition?

Drama created a dance troupe. They began with completing movement exercises which warmed up their muscles and got students thinking about the way they move in a dancing performance way. Christian Andrews, a Year 13 student, came in to choreograph a short Samba style dance and we performed to the music created by the music department. 

In Cymraeg students were busy revising parts of the body and created a monster mask.

El espaƱol students learnt about Spanish festivals and created posters based on them.

The DT department tasked students with designing and printing textiles banners to celebrate the theme of carnival.  All group members contributed to the planning and making and produced some fantastic, vibrant banners that they proudly paraded on the evening.  They also worked on the production of a newspaper report about transition, as part of the STEAM curriculum.  The newspaper reports were an accumulation of all of the experiences and events that had taken place throughout the course of the two week transition period.  

A mixed group from all the primaries carried out a Humanities project on the history of Carnival.  We focused on its origins as the wild party before the Fast of Lent.  Students created costumes to enable them to present short enactments of Carnival in Cologne, the Venice Masquerade, Shrove Tuesday pancake races, Mardi Gras Carnival and chicken hunts in New Orleans and the Momo Kings who are the figureheads of the South American carnivals such as at Rio de Janeiro.