The Hustings

Friday 13th March saw us not only celebrate the fun and silliness of Red Nose Day fundraising, but also the more serious subject of Welsh politics! Organsied by Mrs Thomas, Head of Sixth Form, and Mr Andy Wiilliams, Curriculum Leader for Applied, our Year 11 and Sixth Formers were presented to by local MPs, namely David Davies for the Conservatives, Ruth Jones for Labour, Sam Gould for UKIP (Caerphilly), Veronica German for the Liberal Democrats, Chris Were for the Green Party and Janet Davies for Plaid Cymru.

Our students posed challenging questions to the panel, and it was a delight to witness their enthusiam and engagement throughout the event, plus of course the MP's responses to the important issues raised by our young people.

We are proud of our students’ participation in this very enjoyable, very informative event.  We clearly have some budding young leaders in our school!

Questions posed by our students were:

Ashleigh Fenton - Recently, Parliament rejected Zach Goldsmith's Bill for the recall of MPs. Was this a vote against democracy?

Harvey Jones - With average pay in Wales at less than £20,000 per annum, how can MPs such as Malcolm Rifkind, who suggested that £67,000 is not enough to live on, represent us?

Micah Chudleigh - In light of Nigel Farage's call to repeal race relations legislation, is racism still a problme in the UK?

Izzy Vickers - What does the rise in the number of food banks tell us about our country and the priorities of government?

Alun Jones - Does the 'First Past the Post' system mean that a vote for anybody other than the Conservative or Labour parties is a wasted vote in the Monmouth constituency?

Ellen Canavan - ASCL quotes 25% over 3 years cut in real terms in school budgets. This includes funding cuts and increased staffing costs. If you say you are listening to young people how can this be right?

Sarah Kirkham - Despite legislative atempts to reduce gender disparity in pay and employment, it is still very much in evidence. What policies do you propose to reduce the gap?

Billie Lee - Do you support lowering the voting age to 16 and what difference do you think it would make?

Scott Hollow - What policies do you propose that will help young people and why should we trust you?