BBC News 2015

We have a very dedicated team of reporters in school who hope to deliver an insight into life at Chepstow school. As a news team they have decided on the events and topics they would like to report on.

We Will Rock You

Following the successful production of Phantom of the Opera last year in 2014, the drama department set the bar high for this year’s production. This year the reporting team wanted to go back stage and find out all there is to know about this year’s production, ‘We Will Rock You’. The team were able to head backstage to interview staff and cast members involved in the production.

Student Takeover Day

Ever wondered what it would be like if children ruled the world? Well on Friday 6th March 2015, students at Chepstow found out! Students took staff roles as teachers and duty heads, and one lucky student was able to be the Head teacher for the day!  Students were involved in staff meetings and planning and delivering lessons. They found out exactly what it would be like to run the school. The entire day was a huge success and students really enjoyed the experience.