Good numeracy skills are essential for young people to reach their potential and put themselves in the best possible position for future education and in the job market.

At Chepstow School we are determined to give learners the chance to develop these numeracy skills and we aim to incorporate numeracy in as many different lessons as possible. Each department has a numeracy partner in order to maintain consistency across the curriculum and identify opportunities where numeracy can fit in to each subject.

Numeracy requires both knowledge of the mathematical procedures and problem solving skills to be able to know in which order to complete the calculations, and which calculations are going to be most effective.

Within numeracy we expect learners to become accomplished in:

  • Developing numerical reasoning
  • Using number skills
  • Using measuring skills
  • Using data skills.

On this web page we will be uploading videos of some of the skills required to tackle problems at school and at home. These will include the standard procedures used across the school, so your child will be familiar with these methods.