Open Day 2020


Virtual Open Day 2020 - FAQs

We understand that choosing a Secondary School for your child is a big and very personal decision – for both you and them! This year we are presented with additional challenges due to the pandemic, hence offering a remote/virtual platform to showcase our school. Rest assured, we are doing all we can to ensure our Virtual Open Day 2020 experience is as beneficial, if not better than in previous years.  

How will we access the Virtual Open Day?

All virtual content is now LIVE for you to access on this webpage at your leisure. 

What if we cannot virtually attend due to work/other commitments?

All virtual content is now LIVE and will remain live for the rest of the academic year, so rest assured you can access this content at your leisure and certainly ahead of the application deadline.

What if we cannot attend one of the three live Q&A sessions?

All three of the live Q&A sessions will be recorded and posted onto our website the following day, allowing you and your child to access any time, at your leisure, from the comfort of your own home.

How do we ask a question in the live Q&A sessions?

If you are able to attend on the day, you will be able to use the 'Live Event Q&A' functionality, which will appear on the right hand side of the screen as part of the Mircrosoft Teams live experience. If your question does not appear straight away, please do not panic, it will go through a moderation process first. 

What if English is not our first language? 

Microsoft Teams can translate the spoken word into any language via the subtitles and captions functionality. To turn this on, click the options on the bottom right of your screen during the live event. Cymraeg will be available as an option on the day, however, if you would like the Live Q&A sessions to be translated into another language, please request this via email: [email protected] ahead of the day. 

Beth os nad Saesneg ydy ein hiaith gyntaf?

Gall Microsoft Teams yn cyfieithu’r gair llafar i unrhyw iaith trwy is-deitlau a chapsiynau. I droi hyn ymlaen, cliciwch yr opsiynau ar gornel waelod y sgrin yn ystod y digwyddiad byw.  Bydd Cymraeg ar gael fel opsiwn ar y diwrnod, fodd bynnag, os hoffech i'r sesiynau Holi ac Ateb Byw cael eu cyfieithu i iaith arall, gofynnwch am hyn trwy e-bost: [email protected] cyn y diwrnod. 

What if we would like to speak 1:1 with a member of staff?

Dim problem! (No Problem!)

From week commencing 5th October through to 25th November 2020, Mr Sims, our Headteacher will be holding a variety of bookable virtual 1:1 sessions where he can meet you and your child, and answer any specific questions you may have.

Sessions have been scheduled across a variety of times and days to try and accommodate as many parents and their children as possible and fit in around existing work/school commitments.

You can book these slots via our online booking system here.

If you would like to arrange a virtual 1:1 session with any other member of our team, do not hesitate to contact us via email to request: [email protected]

Where can we view information ahead of the Virtual Open Day?

Our website is the best place to find information about our school. During lockdown we set up a dedicated Transition page (and sub-pages) for our current Year 7 cohort, which we hope you will also find useful.

When is the deadline for applications?

If your child currently attends year 6 at a Primary School, you will need to apply for them to transfer to Secondary for September 2021.

  • Packs available to parents: 23rd September 2020

  • Closing date for applications: 25th November 2020, midnight .

  • Offer date – 1st March 2021

Your child will not be able to start school/transfer to Secondary School unless you apply for a school place.

How do we apply?

Please view our Admissions Page for further information.


We would LOVE your feedback! If you have any further suggestions on how we can best meet your needs as a parent and child making the decision on where to apply, do not hesitate to contact us via email: [email protected]