Challenge Videos

Challenge 1: The Marathon Challenge

The Marathon Challenge

You have 60 minutes to travel as far as you can on foot. This could be walking, running, jogging or skipping. You will need to record your distance on a tracking app e.g. Strava and submit a photo of your distance. IF your form class can travel the distance of a Marathon collectively then there will be an extra 10 bonus points up for grabs. This is a TEAM event as well as an individual. The 60 minutes must be completed consecutively and you can only put 1 entry forward per person.

Challenge 2: Speed Bounce Challenge

Speed Bounce Challenge

You will need to lie a towel out in a long thin position on the ground. Start on the left of the towel and you need to jump from side to side as many times as you can within 30 seconds and record how many jumps you complete.

Challenge 3: Egg Throw Challenge

Egg Throw Challenge

You will need a family member to help with this. You must stand 5 metres apart and throw and catch the egg as many times as you can between each other in 30 seconds (or until the egg breaks). This egg should NOT be hard-boiled.

Challenge 4: Washing Basket Challenge

The Washing Basket Challenge

You will need a washing basket/ washing up bowl and some pairs of socks. You have 30 seconds to throw as many pairs of socks as you can into the basket which must be 3metres away from you. Keep count of the number of pairs that successfully get into the bowl and record your result.

Challenge 5: Be Creative Challenge

Be Creative Challenge

This is your opportunity to design your own sports day activity. This can be any event you like but must be something that anyone can do, so please think about the space people may have available and the equipment that people have in their homes. Each entry will receive points for imagination and the winner will be chosen by Mr Sims.

Challenge 6: Frying Pan Keepie Uppie Challenge

Frying Pan Keepie Uppies Challenge

For this challenge, you will need a frying pan and a pair of socks. The aim is to complete as many keepie uppies as you can in 30 seconds. If the socks fall to the ground pick them up and begin again. It is the number you complete in total within the 30 seconds.

Challenge 7: Wheelbarrow Challenge

Wheelbarrow Challenge

You will need a grown-up to help with this event. It is a simple as it sounds you have to complete the wheelbarrow as quickly as you can over 5 metres. Get someone to time you and then record your score.

Challenge 8: Inspire Us Challenge

Inspire Us Challenge

This will form our entries to this years Sports Personality of the Year Award. We would like to hear from you about your personal sporting achievements within this last year. This could be within the school or outside of school. Please send us a written explanation of what you have achieved, to what level and in which sport. Photo evidence of you competing or with awards/trophies would be great to accompany this. Please send all entries to [email protected] or to Eleri Jones on TEAMS.

Extra Challenge: The Chepstow School Governors Challenge

The Chepstow School Governors Challenge

Chepstow School Governors, this one is just for you! You have to travel 10 metres either in a sack or a pillowcase as fast as you can. Please upload your entries to Twitter, tagging @pechepstow1 so we can see them and judge them all. Best of luck!