As parents, we understand that this is a really important decision for you and your child for the next steps of their education. We encourage you to engage with the school to allay any concerns or questions you may have.

We attract a number of students from other schools, to complement the student body from Chepstow, and recognise strengths from their individual and valuable experiences.

As students settle into their chosen courses, they will now be aware of the challenges that face them. The learning environment is different with far more emphasis placed on self-study and self-organisation; a necessity of Higher Education.

Whilst the Sixth Form works on the principle of ‘structured autonomy’ it is nevertheless important that the structure itself is carefully observed. 

All students must attend all compulsory classes/tutorials/timetabled events/assemblies punctually. Attendance is to be maintained above 95%, and is monitored closely by the Sixth Form tutors and pastoral Upper Phase team.  Where attendance is a cause for concern, parents may be notified and a meeting requested in school.

Periods of ‘free time’ are for private study in school – using the library, private sixth form silent study room, or other agreed working areas. Work/coursework deadlines set by the teachers must be adhered to. 

Upon entering the Sixth Form, each student will be required to sign an admissions contract, outlining basic expectations for uniform, behaviour and attendance.

Any students who wish to drop a subject in Year 12, must do so within the 2 week transitional period upon entering the Sixth Form.  All changes must be agreed by Mr Robson and Mrs Harris.  For changes in Year 13, this will need to be agreed during the Information and Guidance (IAG) meeting prior to the start of the autumn term.

If your child is absent, our Sixth Form administrator, Mrs Oliver, must be contacted by 9am on each day of absence.  Mrs Oliver can be contacted on 01291 635771.  Parents/carers should note that holidays during term time will not be authorised.

If students leave the site within the school day, they must sign out and back in at reception. 
All students in Year 12 will be required to participate in school based activities which contribute to the education / wellbeing of others in the school. 

The common room / study area / library and cafe are all available to all Year 12 and 13 students and it is the responsibility of each individual to ensure that they are all well maintained.  Any behaviour that is deemed inappropriate, as outlined in the Sixth Form contract, could lead to Sixth Form privileges being removed.

We are a non-smoking school and students should not smoke on school site or within 500 metres of the entrances. This includes the smoking of electronic cigarettes. Drugs or alcohol are not permitted on the school premises, and any student found possessing, dealing, condoning the use of, or who is under the influence of such substances will be investigated and may face permanent exclusion. 

Students who drive to school must register their cars with the Sixth Form team, who will issue a parking sticker. Students must only then park in designated spaces in the leisure centre car park. Under no circumstances are they to park in the bus bays, or opposite them. 

Students are reminded that they are the most senior members of the school and should conduct their behaviour accordingly, setting a good example at all times to younger pupils. They must also consider the needs of our neighbours and local community. 

There is an expectation that students with specific talents in sport, music, drama and other areas would represent the school if so required. 

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do all sixth form students have to attend registration tutorial each morning?

A. Yes. All students are required to attend their registration tutorial each morning; the pastoral programme is delivered in these sessions. This is essential for Health and Safety – and students’ pastoral and academic welfare.

Q. Do all sixth form students have to attend assemblies?

A. Yes. All students are required to attend Assemblies / Organised Events as notified. Assemblies / Organised Events are an essential means of communication and identify the sixth form as part of the school.  KS5 assemblies take place weekly.

Q. Is there a dress code for sixth form?

A. Yes. You are reminded that Sixth Form students remain part of an 11-18 school. Please see the Sixth Form Dress Code page. Sixth Form Tutors and Senior Staff reserve the right to make decisions about the suitability of appearance if difficulties arise. The Head Teacher will act as the final arbiter. This requirement continues to apply throughout the academic years, including all examination periods.

Q. Will I have to sign a contract?

A. Yes. The student contract signed at the start of Year 12 sets out the expectations Chepstow School has for all students in Sixth Form. A copy of the contract is kept on file and will be referred to if necessary.

Q. What should I do if I am going to be absent?

A. All unplanned absences must be reported on each day of absence to Mrs Oliver, Sixth Form Attendance, on 01291 635771. Any student absence should be accompanied by a parental letter or medical certificate, which should be given to Mrs Oliver on the first day back after the absence. This is common business practice and recognises the increasing maturity of students. Note, however, that the school reserves the right to check on any absence if a student’s attendance gives cause for concern. Any student leaving our site MUST sign out at main reception.

Q. Can a student change course (discontinuing one course and commencing another)?

A. Only following discussion with the Upper Phase Leader and completion of a Change of Course Form, and only by the cut-off date for switching. The Change of Course Form requires approval from Curriculum Leaders of the subjects concerned. It must also be countersigned by a Parent / Guardian. Until final approval for the change is given, the student must continue to attend lessons for which they are enrolled.

Q. Can a student reduce the number of AS courses or A2 courses they are studying?

A. No student in Year 12 may undertake fewer than 4 AS courses. Students returning to Year 13 may not undertake fewer than 3 A2 courses.   Decisions about reducing subjects will only be made following extensive discussion with senior staff. It is important that students make informed decisions. Any amendment to a student’s course of study may only be made following discussion with the Upper Phase Leader, Subject Teacher, Curriculum Leader and satisfactory approval from a Parent / Guardian. A change of options form will need to be completed and countersigned by all parties.

Q. Would I be allowed to resit Year 12? Would I be allowed to resit Year 13?

A. We are an inclusive school and will willingly engage in conversation regarding resitting a year.  Decisions will be made on an individual basis and will take into account the student’s prior progress, work ethic and attendance, and will only be made after consultation with subject teachers and Curriculum Leaders.

Q. Who pays for Examination Entries And Fees?

 A. Entry for AS /A2 courses - Students who are enrolled for a course will be entered for the appropriate examinations as long as the department recommends entry.

Examination fees for recommended entries will be paid for by the School except:

a) Where a student fails to sit all or part of the examination (including a coursework component) for a reason other than illness that is accompanied by medical certification.

b) Where a student’s attendance falls below 90% (unless absence is authorised).

In circumstances a) and b) the cost of examination entry shall be at the student’s expense.

Entry for re-sits of GCSE/ AS/A2 units will be at the student’s expense.  

Q. Can you confirm the arrangements for students who do not wish to study the Welsh Baccalaureate as they wish to take 4 A Levels? 

A. All students in Years 10 and 11 follow the Intermediate Welsh Baccalaureate programme. The Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate is offered to all Year 12 students in order to build on existing skills and to reward students for their continual skills development in and out of lessons. The Welsh Baccalaureate is highly valued by employers, further and higher education establishments.