To our future pupils and parents; Croeso and Welcome to our Transition 2021 page. You will find everything you need to inform your/your child's transition to Chepstow School in September 2021. More content is being added by the day, so please check back often for updates!

You can also check our dedicated Transition Twitter Page for regular updates: @PrimaryTransit1


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Calling all current Year 5 pupils and parents. Are you considering Chepstow School in the next stage of your/your child's journey - September 2022? If so, please join us for our online Transition Parent Forum which will be held on Thursday 24th June 2021 at 4pm via a Microsoft Teams Live Event. You do not need a Microsoft Teams account to log in. Just simply click here on the day to join. 




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Transition Staff


Mr M. Sims

A warm welcome Year 6, soon to be Year 7.

My name is Mr Matthew Sims and I am Headteacher at Chepstow School.  I have worked in education for over twenty-three years and have been a Headteacher for just over six years.

Since joining Chepstow School in 2019, I have had a brilliant time working with our wonderful learners at our school and meeting many supportive members of our community.  I have also spent considerable time getting to know your primary schools and your local communities, which includes spending a great deal of time speaking with your Headteacher, about you!

It is for that reason that I am excited about being your new Headteacher.  I am looking forward to meeting each of you and your families and I am looking forward to watching you become a success at Chepstow School.  My entire team and I are committed and dedicated to your development and future achievements and we hope to see you very soon.

Finally, a little bit about me.  I have three very active children, and we also have a dog, a cat and fish. I come from an energetic and lively home, which keeps me busy.  As a family, we love the outdoors and outdoor learning, and as an ex-sportsman, I am committed and revel in all sports and the performing arts.

Mrs E. Mellen
Assistant Headteacher

Hello there, for those of you who do not know me, my name is Mrs Mellen and I am an Assistant Head here at Chepstow School. I have worked here for quite some time and I teach English to all year groups from Year 7 to Year 13.

One of my main roles in school is to look after Transition which means that together with a brilliant team, I help to organise your move from Primary to Secondary. This might include learning all about you from your Primary teachers, helping to develop transition events, visiting you in school and making sure that you are ready for your next steps in education.

I live just outside Chepstow and I know your stomping ground well! I have two sons and a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog called Nancy who keeps us all very busy. As well as my love for literacy and English, I really enjoy music, cooking and gardening.

I am really looking forward to seeing you at Transition and to working alongside you for the next seven years!!!!

Ms S. Miller
Head of Year 7

Hello, my name is Ms Miller and I am the Head of Year 7 at Chepstow School. I am a music and drama teacher from Year 7 up to Year 13. I’ve been teaching for 7 years so far, the last four have been here at Chepstow.

I am really excited to get to meet you all and see what kind of characters and young people will make up our new Year 7. I am excited to learn about what kind of Year 7 we will be – what would you like our focus to be? Will we raise money for charities? Will we decide to focus on good deeds in our community? Perhaps we will work on improving the environment of our school site. I would love to hear your ideas in anticipation for next year – please feel free to email or tweet me with your ideas.

I live just outside of Chepstow with my partner, two little boys and our cat. I love gardening, singing, walking and dancing!

Miss C. Roullier
Learning Coach with ELSA

Hello, my name is Clare Roullier and I am the ELSA at Chepstow School. 

I know the first thing you will think is, "what is an ELSA?" and your second thought will be the film Frozen, but I can assure you I will not be singing “let it go” at you (only if you request it).  Let me explain: an ELSA is an Emotional Literacy Support Assistant. It is my job to ensure that you are happy at school to help you reach your full potential academically.  My aim is to help remove any barriers to learning and help you all be happy, secure children whilst at school and at home.

I am really looking forward to meeting you and being part of the exciting year ahead with you all in Year 7.  

Dr P. Perkins
Year 7 Form Tutor

My name is Dr Perkins and I am one of the Science teachers at Chepstow. Like you, I am new to the school. I teach all year groups so hopefully I will teach a lot of you when you arrive with us.

I live in Newport and I am one of those science nerds who like to try things out. You will like my friends; we have fish, frogs and my three dogs are getting ready to welcome you as they are to be teaching assistants in the school. I am helping Mrs Mellen plan some of the transition activities to help you settle in with us which I am sure you will enjoy.

I like a lot of activities from running, cycling, football, rugby, fishing and playing guitar; all activities I like to share.

I am really looking forward to getting to know you all

Take care and be safe

Miss J. Plummer
Year 7 Form Tutor

Hello everyone, my name is Miss Plummer and I am a Maths Teacher here at Chepstow School. I am one of the incredibly lucky teachers who be a form tutor for some of you. This is my first year at Chepstow School too so we will be learning and developing together as a team throughout your time at school.

I am a keen gardener growing lots of vegetables and flowers for me and my partner in our garden and allotment. I enjoy trying new crafts with sewing, crochet and weaving being some that I have enjoyed this year. I also love relaxing and doing Sudoku and maths puzzles with my cat and two house rabbits.

I am really looking forward to meeting all of you and seeing what ideas you have for us to work on throughout next year!

Mr J. Woodland
Year 7 Form Tutor

Shwmae pawb! Fy enw i ydy Mr Woodland and I am the Head of the Welsh department here at Chepstow School. I am also a Year 7 form tutor - a role that I am very much looking forward to starting. Like you guys, I will be a brand new addition in September. I’m sure we will all share the same feelings of excitement in readiness for September! Joining Chepstow School will provide you all with the opportunity to start afresh with a vision of the individuals you want to become tomorrow! I and the rest of my colleagues within the Year 7 team are looking forward to helping you do just that.

Before joining Chepstow School, I worked as a Teacher of Welsh and also as Deputy Head of Year 7 at Islwyn High School (the school I attended as a pupil). I began my career at Cardinal Newman School, near Pontypridd and I had a Year 7 form class there too!

As a student, I attended Cardiff University and studied a joint honours degree in Welsh and History. I also love sports; namely Football and Cricket. For the last 8 years, I have been the Head Coach of Blackwood Town Cricket Club’s U13 team. 

This upcoming academic year will be my 4th in teaching and I’m sure it’s going to be the most enjoyable so far!


Miss C. Thomas
Year 7 Form Tutor

Hey everyone, I’m Miss Thomas! I am a new Computer Science teacher at Chepstow School and will be starting with all of you in September. I am so excited to meet you all on our first day!

I am hoping to spend my summer on the sea...paddleboarding, surfing and kayaking. I’d love to hear what you hope to do over the summer, tweet me some of your plans via @CThomasCS, even if we can’t leave home we can still do some exciting things!

See you all in September!

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