Mission and Values

Our Mission: 

Inspiring learning… for all

Inspiring learning… for life

Our Ethos:


Strong foundations: Chepstow school is a place where every member of our community can feel that they belong, where they are recognised and valued for their particular gifts, talents and the unique contribution that they can make to our school life.  We aim to give every member of our school community the unshakeable foundations they need to flourish to their full potential. 


Building a bridge to your future:   We are an adventurous learning community, constantly looking outwards to the world and ahead to the future; we aim to equip everyone to confidently take the next steps in their own journeys, wherever that may lead them, building bridges to limitless opportunities in the world.

Our Values:


“something that you want to do or achieve very much”


“a strong desire to know about something”


“a situation in which everyone is treated fairly”


“the practice of being positive in your attitude and focusing on what is good in a situation”


“the quality of continuing to try to achieve a particular aim despite difficulties”