Bore da! 

We are a team of Year 7 pupils currently studying at Chepstow School. Our goal is to work with the community to encourage sustainable living, promote wildlife and develop a more sustainable eco-system. We intend of undertaking several projects based around Technology, Science and collaborative studies to support our community and encourage wildlife to thrive. 

Our interesting projects include: 

  • Making a nesting box hotel to encourage birds to thrive
  • To develop an eco-garden to promote sustainable living
  • To develop learning resources to be accessed in the Wye Valley
  • To explore the science and practicality of Hydroponics
  • To create a vertical farm
  • To create an assembly to share with Cluster Primary Schools
  • To have fun!

We hope you enjoy this diary and find its contents useful and inspirational. 

The Year 7 Eco-Committee


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