Bore da! 

We are a team of Year 7 pupils currently studying at Chepstow School. Our goal is to work with the community to encourage sustainable living, promote wildlife and develop a more sustainable eco-system. We intend of undertaking several projects based around Technology, Science and collaborative studies to support our community and encourage wildlife to thrive. 

Our interesting projects include: 

  • Making a nesting box hotel to encourage birds to thrive
  • To develop an eco-garden to promote sustainable living
  • To develop learning resources to be accessed in the Wye Valley
  • To explore the science and practicality of Hydroponics
  • To create a vertical farm
  • To create an assembly to share with Cluster Primary Schools
  • To have fun!

Our top 10 priorities are:

  1. To minimise the number of plastic bottles brought into school
  2. To promote the three Rs - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  3. To dispose of rubbish correctly
  4. To try to use Ecosia instead of Google as a search engine
  5. To turn of computers, projectors and lights when not in use
  6. To walk to school when we can
  7. To develop an environmentally friendly school site
  8. To only print when necessary
  9. To work with our local community to see how the school can improve our local enviroment
  10. To look for opportunities to raise awareness about climate change

We hope you enjoy this diary and find its contents useful and inspirational. 

The Year 7 Eco-Committee


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