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A place to share our good news, compliments and thanks with you. 

Some messages of thanks from our parents and pupils during the COVID-19 closure: January 2021: 

"Hi Christopher, Joe,

I hope you are both keeping well in these strange and extremely challenging times.

Just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to all year Seven teachers for the fantastic support you are providing at the moment. My son is totally engaged.

I have listened in to a few lessons, I wanted to let you know, my husband and I totally appreciate what a huge task you are facing, your response is first class!

Please pass on my thanks to ALL the teachers that are presenting each day to blank screen, and probably getting limited feedback. I know from my own experiences how hard this is, but please keep going .  

Thank you so much.

You are making a difference, and it isn’t going unnoticed.

Kind regards



I just wanted to drop you a note to say what an amazing job all of the teaching staff are doing.

My son is in year 8 and I have listened in on a couple of his lessons whilst he’s been sat next to me working, and I have been super impressed with how the teachers are engaging with the pupils and the support they are giving them.

This is really just an email of appreciation an to say a really big thank you for all the effort that the school is putting in.

Kind regards



"Dear Miss Martinez

We just wanted to thank you for the ‘live’ lessons you are delivering to [pupil's] Y8 English set this term.

There are not many lessons where the teachers are present and actually teaching and it makes such a difference when they are. [Pupil] feels more involved and supported and it takes a lot of pressure off parents and grandparents!

I know it can't be easy to run live lessons but thank you, it's much appreciated.

Best wishes,



Some messages of thanks from our community, parents and pupils during 2020-21 Academic Year:

"Dear Mr Goddard

I just wanted to say thank you very much for showing [pupil] and I around Chepstow School today. It was a really informative tour and great to see so many positive changes have been made (e.g. library etc.) since last year when we were making the choice for [pupil's] sister. It feels such a happy and friendly environment which is very reassuring. It really helped to ease some of [pupil's] anxieties about the move to secondary school and he seems quite excited about it all now! 

Thanks again.

Kind regards 



"Hello Mr Walsh,

Can you please pass on our thanks to everyone at Chepstow School for making the transition to home learning so easy this week. [Pupil] has really engaged with the live lessons and tasks set on teams. She has really enjoyed the ability to collaborate with her peers on assignments via her laptop and phone.

I know how much extra work this had generated for you all!



"Dear Matthew,

I was so pleased to see the piece in The Forester newspaper about long service awards to three staff.

As an ex teacher, having taught at Chepstow for 32 years I know how much something like this will mean to your staff. In my day, staff weren’t rewarded or even acknowledged after long service. Indeed one former HT thought if you stayed for more than 5 years you lacked ambition!

Having taught at Chepstow for so long I felt part of the wider community, not just part of the school. Having a long term relationship with the community and parents builds an important bridge that cannot be underestimated.

Anyway, good luck for the future! I still have contact with a couple of existing staff and I hear good things about how you are gradually turning Chepstow into the kind of school it used to be. A school the Chepstow area can be proud of. Keep up the good work.

Kind regards and best wishes

[ex-staff member]"

"Just had a lovely phone conversation with [parent]

She wanted to extend her sincere thanks for all the hard work and effort the school have put in for the children this term to ensure that school is safe, yet still a fun place to be and learn.

[pupil] has settled back in really well and is very happy – after a difficult period of lockdown this is so pleasing for mum to see – and she attributes it all to Chepstow School.

[pupil] was having a very bad morning, but mum was confident in sending her in as she knew she would be well looked after and cared for."


"Miss Martinez

My reason for mailing you is 2-fold.

Firstly to thank you for the support you gave our son [pupil] in his GCSE English last year and the support you provide our daughter [pupil]. In [pupil]'s case we were really delighted with the English grade he achieved. It exceeded our expectations but we really do credit you - and [pupil].

In [pupil]'s case you continue to provide inspiration and aspiration to her in the English classes. Although the children probably have a challenge to express the gratitude; we thought it good to say it on behalf of the family - quietly.

Secondly I wanted to say congratulations on the professionalism and dedication you and your colleagues are displaying at the current time. Two or three times I have been at the school to collect and always I listen to the children. Attitude, aptitude and availability shine through. You do a very important professional job as you know but it is no bad thing to be told it by an appreciative parent.

Please don't mention the mail to [pupil] - she would be too embarrassed at this note of thanks and congratulations. In years to come though they will reflect and remember I am certain.

Thank you and congratulations on delivering such professionalism.



"He is loving it, coming home buzzing every day. He’s being challenged and excited by the new subjects and work he’s doing. Thank you to the whole team especially in these tough times!!

Kind regards



"Hello Mr Goddard, 

Thank you so much for taking the time to email (which I know is a very limited commodity for teachers!) and for your kind words. 

We are so grateful for all that the staff are doing to help and encourage the Year 7's as they transition into secondary school life. 

This year, more than ever, the wonderful efforts of the school to make the transition as smooth as possible for [pupil] and his peers, has been very much appreciated.

With Kind Regards 



"Good morning Mrs Jeffery

What a lovely email to recieve . Thankyou for the support you have given [pupil] through lockdown and since returning to school. He thoroughly enjoys all the art work set and I am pleased to hear that it is always done on time . We do have a checklist of homework that we write down for [pupil] and his brother and it definitely helps them stay on top of their work .

Once again  thankyou for this lovely email .

Kind regards .



"Thank you for your email we are delighted to read this. 

It’s so nice when teachers make time to share this feedback with us parents as it’s positive affirmation of their progress and attitude in school. 

We look forward to hearing further progression over the coming months.

Kind regards 



"Dear Miss Jeffery,

Thank you for your message, it’s lovely to get some positive feedback on how [pupil] is doing and I appreciate you taking the time to let me know.  He really does enjoy his Art classes.  

He was over the moon with the art kit, as was I.  Thank you for organising this, it was a great idea.

Kind regards,



Some messages of thanks from our parents and pupils during the COVID-19 closure: March - June 2020: 

"Hello Mr Sims, we would like to take this opportunity to thank yourself and all the staff at Chepstow School for the way that the last 4 months have been managed. It has not been an easy Lockdown for us as a family, for lots of reasons, but it has been made so much easier because of the strength of the support and learning opportunities that have been offered to [pupil] over this period of time. 

It took us all a little while to get used to Microsoft Teams and at the beginning of Lockdown, when the overwhelming feeling was panic, we were concerned that [pupil] was never going to get on top of it and be able to complete the work for each subject. However, thanks to the support and understanding she received from her teachers, Teams quickly became far less daunting and is now so familiar to us all that we hope learning, in some way, will continue through this medium. 

We feel that Chepstow School has manged this unprecedented crisis in a very caring, imaginative and professional way. The idea of holding a Virtual Sports Day and a Virtual Eisteddfod was inspired. This allowed students to continue to feel part of the whole school community. [Pupil] had such fun participating in all the Sports Day activities, as did we!  

As [pupil] is a Year 7 student, we would like to say particular thanks to Mr. Parkin as her Head of Year and Mr Pollock as her Form Tutor. They have been so supportive and have always responded immediately to any queries or concerns. We would also like to thank Ms Martinez, [pupil] has really enjoyed completing the English tasks and Ms Martinez's ongoing feedback has been so positive and helpful. Ms Jeffery has also been brilliant with feedback on assignments and [pupil] was delighted to receive a certificate last week for her hard work on completing all the Art assignments. Other subjects [pupil] has enjoyed over Lockdown have been Humanities, DT and Food Tech and the regular feedback from these subject teachers has been extremely valuable and enjoyable to read. [Pupil] has enjoyed DT so much that she has decided she wants to take it as one of her Options for Y9!

[Pupil] is delighted that she will be back in school full time in September, as are we. She is sad that she has missed half of Year 7 but she is excited to be going into Year 8. 

It is fantastic seeing Chepstow School moving on and going from strength to strength with strong leadership and committed and talented teachers. I hope you all now get a well-deserved break, ready to face the challenges that the next school year may bring.

Thank you to you all!!"


"Dear Mrs Mellen

I wanted to drop you a line to say how grateful [student] and I were for your time today.

It was wonderful to have the opportunity to meet with you, as well as Mr.Pollock, and Mrs Bedford. Your introduction to the school, along with your positivity has lifted [student's] motivation to seriously think about his future, and aim for the Russell Group universities. It was very supportive of you to talk to [student] about taking the Spanish option, (rather than his nagging Mum! ), furthermore, it was uplifting for [student] to hear somebody else’s opinion of sensible choices outside of his immediate family.

Could you please also pass on our thanks to Mr. Pollock for the Physics book recommendation.

[Student] will ensure that his application for Sixth Form is completed and forwarded tomorrow, and would be most grateful if he could either be sent the links for bridging his chosen subjects from GCSE to A level (currently Maths, Physics and Spanish), or invited to join the class.

Fingers crossed, all systems go for welsh schools come September!

Toby will be in touch in August to confirm his grades.

Thank you, and I hope you manage to have some rest during the summer holidays."


"Hope all staff are well and coping with the new world we live in. And busy preparing for the return of students.

[Pupil] is in Year 9 and has really struggled with the current situation.

But I have been really impressed with the constant support and correspondence with Angela Jones who reached out very quickly, checking on both my girls.

She has listened and answered so many emails/questions. Even contacting [pupils] teachers to mention how she has been feeling. Anglea Jones has used teams to reach out to her on a more personal note.

I been overwhelmed with the support her teachers have given [pupil]. Especially Miss Tiller who in [pupil's] eyes is a very strict teacher. But as soon as she knew [pupil] needed help, or was struggling with work, her support quickly came through. 

Luca Goddard wasn’t quick to judge when her work wasn’t completed and again straight away offered support.

I have been touched but all the support she has received. As a school the support has been amazing from all staff. Who constantly update us parents.

From a worried mum at this time - Diolch!!"


"Just a short note to thank all the staff at Chepstow school that are working hard over the lockdown period.

My 2 children - are being well supported by your team during this time and I did not want to leave out saying thank you."


“The fact that you were already checking on [pupil] each week meant that this all moved quicker and more smoothly. We’re really grateful for all your support!”


"Dear [Learning Coach]

I hope you are all safe and well during this lock down.

As a family we owe you so much, thank you will never come close enough. We have got to know you well over the last 7/8 years as both [pupil] and [pupil] have progressed through Chepstow School and [pupil] being in his early years there too.

Due to [pupil's] illness last year you pretty much became part of our family, you were one of the only people outside our household who [pupil] trusted and she allowed you to help her in the school environment. It was the most traumatic time for us and more so [pupil]. I know that it was for you too having to see [pupil] the way she was at her most vulnerable. You went over and above your job, as you do all of the time when it comes to supporting students.

Without you I don’t know where we would be. I know for sure that [pupil] would not have managed to have returned to school and completed 6th form. You had this natural, incredible ability to reach out to [pupil] and you managed to gain her trust, you offered her strategies, solutions, ideas to help her move forward but you never once forced her. She trusted you implicitly, as did we. You provided a safe haven every single morning when it was an enormous effort for [pupil] to even get out of bed and attend school. [Pupil] knew that if she made it to your office then you would “enable” her to work through the school day by offering her a quiet corner to study as well as liaising with all of [pupil's] teachers to obtain the work and negotiate deadlines. Most importantly for us you communicated daily so that between us we could keep [pupil] safe as there was a time when she was at risk, for this, I can never thank you enough.

You really are one special lady.

On a lighter note I wanted to share with you that [pupil] has had offers from the 3 universities of her choice and she has accepted an offer. I know you will appreciate what an achievement that is to even get this far. The good news is that it looks like [pupil] should finish 6th form with the grades she needs (we hope)…. Every single finger and toe is crossed! I think [pupil] has a chance to make a real difference in the field.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done for [pupil] and our family. You have made a real difference."


"Dear [Teacher]

I just want to say a huge thank you for your unbelievable commitment to [pupil] these last 2 years and of course to [pupil] prior to that.

You are a brilliant example of fantastic communication to students and parents. You’re a real inspiration.

You have been a huge support to [pupil] during lock down, coaching her to the end of her modules. This I know has been a challenge for [pupil], given her illness last year. She is delighted to be finishing on a distinction and so much of this is down to your incredible support.

Thank you again and stay safe."


“Your words keep me encouraged and the support with school work certainly eases the pressure on my family.” 


“Thank you for always being there. This whole thing has really made me appreciate how much you teachers have to do! You should have a clap for teachers when this all goes back to normal.”


“It means a lot to know you are still here if we need you.”


"She has been absolutely brilliant and a terrific support"


"It’s not just the NHS staff that should be recognised, it’s you lot as well – thank you from my house to yours."


"Thank you so much, I really do appreciate your help. All the help is just great."


"Thanks for checking on us, it means a lot."


"You have been a Godsend, thank you so much."


"Thank you – I spoke to [child] and she had a massive smile on her face – thank you again for all of your support."


"Thank you for checking on us, I really do appreciate it."


"Keep safe and thank you for everything that you do."


"Was lovely to get a letter about her transition to Chepstow school, especially as she's the only one going from her school. So please thank transition team if you're in touch with anyone."

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