Eisteddfod is a celebration of the culture and language in Wales. The Eisteddfod is the natural showcase for music, dance, visual arts, literature, original performances and much more.  Encompassing all aspects of the arts and culture in Wales, it is an inclusive and welcoming festival, which attracts thousands of Welsh learners and those who do not speak the language as well as Welsh speakers every year.

This year we held our very own Virtual Eisteddfod, which was live streamed on Friday 17th July 2020. 

There were prizes up for grabs in the form of Amazon vouchers, and our winners are: 

  • 1st Prize: £30 - Winner: Jack Templar-John
  • 2nd Prize: £20 - Winner: Madeleine Smith
  • 3rd Prize: £10 - Winner: Seren Schartz

Missed the live show? Don't worry, the video recording of the whole event is available here for your viewing pleasure: 

Messages of Support

We’ve got a few famous faces popping in to wish you all pob lwc over the next 2 weeks in the build-up to Virtual Eisteddfod 2020.

1. Wynne Evans, Welsh Singer and Actor
2. Al Lewis, Welsh Singer and Songwriter

Competition Overview

Competition 1: Perfformiad unawdol / Solo Performance

Competition 2: Cyfansoddiad / Composition

Competition 3: Drama

Competition 4: Eisteddfod Cymraeg / Welsh

Competition 5: Eisteddfod Celf / Art

Competition 6: Eisteddfod PE