ALL Senior students play a valuable role as role models, and an appropriate dress code encourages younger pupils to assume high standards. Senior staff are the arbiters of what is acceptable. Students may be asked to leave site if they do not adhere to the dress code. Senior students should be smartly dressed at all times, as they would be if working in a smart professional environment. The Sixth Form Dress Code sends a strong message to the rest of the school and the community about pride in appearance and attitude towards study. The impression it creates sets an example to younger pupils and is a strong influencing factor.

We have decided on a style of dress which is different both from uniform in Years 7 – 11 and from leisure wear. It should be smart and show that Sixth Form students are concerned about their appearance, the impression it creates and the example it gives to younger pupils.

The dress code for all Sixth Form students will be as follows:

  • Lanyards and identification cards to be worn at all times
  • Black or white polo shirts OR a black or white collared shirt/blouse
  • Black/navy/grey tailored trousers/skirts - NO JEANS
  • Plain V neck jumper in black/navy/grey in colder weather
  • A business jacket (optional)
  • Black/brown flat shoes

Please do not wear:

  • Jeans, leggings, jeggings, joggers
  • Cropped/strappy tops
  • Overly tight and short skirts
  • Trainers/Uggs/Flip flops/High heeled footwear
  • Facial piercings or brightly coloured hair dye

Summary of guidelines:

  • Clothes should be worn in line with the sixth form dress code.
  • Given the very nature of a working school, all students must dress respectfully and thus shoulder-less tops, immodest necklines,
  • Low slung trousers or vest-type attire will not be accepted.
  • Midriffs should be covered.
  • Skirts should be of a respectable length.
  • Hats/caps/sunglasses should not be worn when inside school buildings
  • If earrings are worn, they must be of a discreet stud type. No other facial jewellery is permitted.