Educational Maintenance Allowance Policy

  • EMA is payable to support you in your education
  • It is paid fortnightly but assessed on a weekly basis and is linked to attendance
  • All absences are to be authorised
  • Medical appointments should be made outside of school hours but we will authorise up to a maximum of 3 per term
  • After this EMA payments will be looked at on an individual basis
  • You will be paid EMA if you have full attendance for every lesson and registration per week
  • The school policy states that attendance is compulsory at 95% and above*
  • For further information: Education Maintenance Allowance - Parents - Student Finance Wales, FE

* You are not permitted to miss lessons during term time for holidays, healthcare appointments (except emergencies), driving lessons, paid work, completing work for other subjects, revising for tests, after effects of parties and social activities!

In order to receive EMA you must:

•Apply within 8 weeks of the start of the course if not already
•Register at
•Be between 16-18 years old on 31st August 2022
•Have a household income of £20,817 or less if you are the only young person in the household OR £23, 077 or less if there are any additional young people eligible for child benefit in the household
•Be a UK citizen

Payments (£30 per week) are made every 2 weeks and are authorised by the school

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The little book of EMA 2021/22