Class of 2023

At Chepstow School, we are delighted with all the amazing successes the Class of 2023 have achieved in what has still been, difficult circumstances, and during such exceptional times. The results are in…

KS5 - A Level

A-Level Results Day 2023

Despite a falling national picture, students at Chepstow continue to excel and achieve impressive A level results with 100% of students achieving their university placements and 84% of students achieving an A or A* in Advanced Skills Challenge.

Particularly successes this year include:

Thomas Henley who achieved 4A*s will initially take a gap year and then pursue a degree in Mathematics at the University of Warwick.

Madeleine Smith achieved 3A*s and 1A has been accepted at Cambridge University to study Modern and Medieval Languages.

Emily Power achieved 3A* and is going to Cardiff University to study Spanish.

Georgia Shirley who achieved 2A* and 2As is pursuing a career in Veterinary Science and will attend The Royal Veterinary College of London.

Ben Ferns obtained 2A*s and 1A and is going to Loughborough to study Sports and Exercise Science.

Neil Stevenson achieved 2A*, 1A, 1B and 1C and is going to pursue Civil Engineering at Loughborough University.

Beatrice Thomas obtained 2A*, 1A and will attend UWE to study Child Nursing

Abigail Cass 1A*, 3As is taking a gap year but intends to take up a place at UWE to study Law.

Hayley Dorel 1A*, 2As and 1B is also taking a gap year but will pursue a career in Veterinary Science at Liverpool in 2024.

Headteacher Kelly Waythe said: “I am so very proud and pleased with the fantastic achievements of a truly remarkable group of young people. They have shown real commitment to their learning and throughout the last two years have embodied our Chepstow School values of positivity, curiosity, ambition, equity and perseverance. I wish all our students the very best of luck with the next chapter of their lives. A huge thank you also to our dedicated staff, parents, carers and governors who have supported our learners so well throughout their time at Chepstow School.’

Keith Dunn, OBE, recently appointed Chair of Governors said ‘On behalf of the Governing Body as a whole, I want to congratulate all our young learners on their results today. As ever, the inspiring learning experiences here at Chepstow School are reflected in our young people’s outstanding performances.’

He added ‘I must record and thank the dedication of all the staff here at Chepstow School and the parents who have collectively provided the support, belief and guidance to our young people. We wish them all the very best for the next chapter of their lives.’


GCSE Results Day 2023

Pupils have performed at levels significantly above national averages in many subjects with outstanding performances: 91% of pupils have achieved five or more qualifications at grades A*-C and 34% achieved five or more qualifications at A*-A level.

83% of Chepstow pupils have achieved a qualification in English at grade C or above and, similarly, 81% of pupils achieved equivalent qualifications in Mathematics, enabling 79% of our pupils to achieve five or more GCSEs at grades A*-C, inclusive of both English and Mathematics.

There is a national drive to raise standards and narrow the attainment gap in all subject areas and Chepstow School has demonstrated that our pupils continue to exceed at the very highest level. Significant acknowledgement and congratulations goes to Melissa Atkinson, Ethan Bennett, Charlotte Edwards, Will Edwards, Ed Harris, Hannah Parkes, Charlotte Pitt, Alfie Share, Lauren Tuck and Takara Webber, who have all achieved at least 12A*-As across a variety of subjects. Two of our school’s core values are ‘positivity’ and ‘perseverance’, which Walter Jeremiah and Louis Seccombe-Mangan illustrated to achieve almost all B grades. Our Year 11 cohort were fortunate to have two sets of twins, Ethan & Dylan Bennett and Charlotte & Will Edwards, who between the four of them achieved 44 A*-A grades which is truly remarkable!

To further promote and enhance aspirations, 34 Year 10 pupils were entered for both their full GCSEs in Mathematics and Numeracy a year early; we always knew this group of learners were exceptional but they exceeded all predictions, with 32 pupils achieving A*s and 2 pupils achieving A grades! A special mention to Year 9 pupil Dylan Bloor-Ramirez who achieved an A* in his Spanish GCSE.

Chepstow’s Headteacher, Kelly Waythe, said: “Congratulations to every student who has received their results today. Students who attend Chepstow experience a school that is ambitious, but also very caring. We know every child and ensure we equip our students to move on to the next phase of their lives successfully. These outstanding results are very much a team effort with teachers, parents, support staff and governors working together to produce results, of which we can all feel immensely proud.”

Keith Dunn, OBE and Chair of Governors, said: “The Governing Body, as a whole, are delighted with the GCSE results announced today. We congratulate all our students’ performances, some of which are ‘significantly above’ national averages in \ wide range of subjects. I also thank the support given by parents and the dedication of all our staff here at Chepstow School."