Progress Leader Questions

Q. Who do I contact with an issue about my son/daughter?

A. If it is subject related, you are best to contact the subject teacher. If it is a general query, please contact your House Leader or Student progress Leader and they will be happy to help.


Q. How do I contact the House?

A. Either by calling reception and asking for a specific House, calling directly to the office phone or by e-mailing (please see the House pages for contact details). You are also free to pop in at any point to meet with us but please be aware that the House Leaders have a teaching timetable and are sometimes unavailable.


Q. My child is ill, what should I do?

A. Please call 01291 635788 in the morning and speak with Mrs Angela Jones, our Attendance Officer, who will record your child’s absence. Please note that if your child is in the Sixth Form you must ring Mrs Val Newborough, 6th Form Clerical Assistant on 01291 635794.


Q. What do I do if my child has an appointment during the school day?

A. If they have a medical appointment please let Mrs Jones know at your earliest convenience, either by a phone call or by sending a letter.


Q. I would like to discuss my child’s progress. What should I do?

A. Contact your child’s form tutor or the Student Progress Leader/House Leader and they will be happy to arrange an appointment.


Q. My child is having some serious problems socially at school - what can I do?

A. Ask your son/daughter to pop along to their House Student Progress Leader and Head of House so that they can deal with the situation and find a means of helping.


Q. My child has lost his/her planner/school tie, what should we do?

A. Your son/daughter can purchase a new one from their Student Progress leader for £3 each.