Medical Questions

Q. My child has had diarrhoea and vomiting – when can he/she return to school?

A. 48 hours after the last episode of diarrhoea and/or vomiting.


Q. My child has head lice – can he/she still come to school?

A. After a head lice infestation has been confirmed, you must immediately treat the lice at home by wet combing the hair using a head lice comb and by using medicated lotion available over the counter at the Chemist. Ordinary conditioners and shampoos are not thought to be effective and are therefore not recommended. A minimum of two applications of lotion and combing are needed to kill lice over the hatching period. Your child may return to school after the first treatment. The second treatment should be carried out 5-7 days after the first. Head lice tend to have a high re infestation rate so routine weekly hair checks are recommended.


Q. My child has Chickenpox – when can he/she return to school?

A. A minimum of 5 days after the last outbreak of spots appear.


Q.  I need to check my child’s vaccination records – does the school keep them?

A. No, we facilitate the vaccination programs at school but the records are held by the School Health Nurses who are based at Chepstow Community Hospital.


Q. My child needs to take medication during school hours. What must I do?

A. All prescription medicines that are brought into school must be handed to the school nurse for safe keeping. If more than 2 over the counter drugs (eg paracetamol tablets) are brought into school then these also need to be handed over for safe keeping. All medication that is handed to the nurse must be accompanied by a letter of consent for administration and dosage instructions.


Q. My child is on crutches at the moment – can he/she still attend school?

A. Health and Safety considerations necessitate that pupils returning to school using crutches must adhere to the following:

  • Prior arrangements are to be made with the school to discuss how and when the pupil will return to school.
  • The pupil can attend lessons which are timetabled to ground floor classrooms only or those which are accessible by the lifts (with adult supervision).
  • The pupil will be accommodated for other lessons either in the Learning Zone or in a ground floor room. Work will be supplied for that lesson by the class teacher.
  • On no account should the pupil attempt to use any staircase within the school premises.
  • If the fire alarm sounds whilst a pupil is in the Learning Zone/upstairs classroom the lifts will be out of action. Adult supervision will escort any pupil on crutches to the safe assembly point.
  • The pupil must be responsible for the correct use of their crutches at all times whilst in school.

If you have any other queries or concerns please contact the Medical Room via the school Reception.