Student and Staff Expectations

As a Student at Chepstow School I will

Attend all lessons on time

Respect students, staff and the school

Wear the correct uniform

Follow instructions and requests from staff

Complete my school and homework on time

Give my best effort

As a member of staff at Chepstow School I will

Create a positive working environment through setting clear expectations and reinforcing them at all times

Praise students for their efforts and inform parents of the positive feedback

Take responsibility for behaviour in my classroom and around the school and follow the guidelines set out in the behaviour policy

Ensure I consider the needs of each individual student and understand the positive impact this will have on my teaching and their learning

Praising students

At Chepstow School we want to encourage students to strive for success driven by a sense of self-worth. Rewarding pupils can be an effective motivator, but can also encourage a culture where students work for the reward rather than for themselves.

To encourage every student, we need to praise them regularly in school and at home to reinforce the positive feelings that can be linked to hard work and achievement.