The main purpose of homework is to support and encourage students to develop independent study skills, organisational skills, time management and self-discipline.

In addition homework should help

  • to raise levels of attainment.
  • to provide an opportunity for students to work uninterrupted for extended periods of time.
  • to make use of resources outside school.
  • to supplement and enhance class work.
  • to encourage good work habits.
  • to help students to organise and plan use of their time wisely.
  • to encourage self-reliance and give students an opportunity to demonstrate what they can do independently.
  • to give parents opportunities to share and participate in their child's learning.

As a guideline there is an expectation that all key stage 3 pupils should receive up to 1 hour's worth of home work each night and pupils in key stage 4 a minimum of 90 minutes, which should consist of 1 hour per week per subject. In key stage 3 this should consist of 30 minutes core once a week and 30 minutes for all other subjects once a fortnight. In key stage 4 this should consist of 1 hour for core subjects and 30 minutes for options.

Homework set should always be recorded in the students’ planners. Parents are asked to sign the planners weekly and alert the form tutor should they have any concerns about the amount or nature of homework set. Depending on the type of task, pupils should usually be given a minimum of 1 week to complete the homework.

Students must:

  • Always have their planner and place it on the desk at the start of the lesson to record homework and completion date.
  • Use the planner to record homework and ensure the task set is understood.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to learning by spending sufficient time to complete the task to the best of their ability.
  • Hand the work in on time.

Parents should:

  • Provide a reasonably quiet, suitable place for the completion of homework.
  • Encourage their child to complete homework, praising them when it is done well.
  • Be aware of deadlines and checking that work is on target to be completed.
  • Sign the planner weekly.
  • Keep the school informed about any issues relating to homework.


The ‘Achievement for All’ homework club runs every Wednesday from 3:15- 4:15pm in the New Learning Zone. The club is available for all students to gain access to 1:1 support, peer support, subject guidance and knowledge with relevant books and online resources.

Homework club offers a welcoming, relaxed environment where students can complete homework, eliminating the stress of completing it at home. Students will have access to laptops, IPads and colour printers and is a place where students can meet like-minded peers from different year groups.


Homework is an important part of education at Chepstow School and we encourage all our students to come along and see.  


For more information contact helenscudamore@chepstowschool.net or 01291 635777